10.1 What is BreakThrough?

The Regressive Process
(taken from www.ibaglobalhealing.com)

BreakThrough does not make judgments. It is not a seminar that promises to make you a “better person.” It also is not a seminar that makes you believe you are perfect just the way you are. BreakThrough merely seeks to unshackle you from long-held beliefs that have created your current self-image and put boundaries on your ability to thrive.

In BreakThrough, participants start where they are, often in a place of self-doubt, self-criticism and self-blame, exhausted from trying to hide and cope with the persons they have become and perhaps do not like. From this place, they begin the regressive process, again not trying to become better or different, but only seeking to understand.

Breakthroughs’ Seven Steps are a deductive, not an analytical, process. It is rather like being a detective, seeking clues to a crime, with the “crime” being that, quite involuntarily in the first few years of life, we often “learned” that we were lacking and needed to be different or better, i.e. more intelligent, more beautiful, more this or more that.

In the Steps process, we take a single incident of conflict only, but, as we continue, we see that this one story follows a thread backward – all the way to childhood – and that life patterns and habits, time and again, repeat themselves in all kinds of conflicting situations as a result of this one deep-seated, unconscious belief.

The Steps help us to see what is really going on in any conflict – and it is both a relief and a shock to discover that ALL our conflicts are triggered by beliefs that happened back when we were just tiny children. The beliefs seem so ridiculous to us as adults, but it’s easy to understand the kind of trauma that they would have been to the child – even if that trauma was somewhat unconscious way back then.

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