2.1 Our Practitioners: Allison Bachmeier


Allison Bachmeier lives and breathes the philosophy underlying BreakThrough and BodyTalk and is experienced in guiding students through both professional and personal transitions, both of which transpire in tandem with addressing the root cause of conflict. Extensive education in the body and the mind, including a B.Sc in Anatomy, B.A. in Psychology and 2.5 years of medical school, followed by a personal health crisis led to the discovery of consciousness based medicine, namely The BodyTalk System and BreakThrough & FreeFall.  
Allison is committed to facilitating health and working with all to fully embrace life as it is. Can you remember a time when life was enough? When you were enough? What if it was possible to live that way now? What if looking at your pain was the doorway to that place? Allison invites you to come explore your conflict and struggle to see what itís really telling you and to find possibilities where you thought there were none.  
Allisonís strong interest in personal transformation is continuously nurtured by studying all of the BodyTalk modules, MindScape, BreakThrough and FreeFall studies. She is an active student in the PaRama College and stays abreast of the latest research, developments and techniques by continuously training with founder of BodyTalk, Dr. John Veltheim and founder of BreakThrough, Esther Veltheim.  
Allisonís focus and commitment lie in facilitating optimal health by addressing the root cause of conflict. She is currently instructing internationally and operating a BreakThrough & BodyTalk clinic full-time. Allison is available for private sessions, lectures, seminars as well as to travel to teach BreakThrough and BodyTalk seminars. To make an appointment for a session, a consultation or inquire about having a training course near you, Allison can be reached at (306) 280-8264 or transformation@sasktel.net      

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