2.1 Our Practitioners: Amy Walls


Since 2004 I have been seeking ways to propel my health forward. I first began this journey working at a small gym and falling in love with helping people lose weight and feel good about themselves, and in return that is what I was doing as well. This inspired to me to further my education and I received a diploma in Fitness and Nutrition, and then obtained my certification as a Personal Trainer Specialist through Can Fit Pro.

I have furthered my knowledge and education through various on line courses as well as weekend seminars, some include pre and post natal fitness, yoga for fertility, and fitness for fertility.

In April of 2009 is where I first heard the word BodyTalk. Not knowing anything about BodyTalk or ever receiving a session I decided I was going to sign up for Modules 1 and 2 in June 2009. I felt I needed a “backup” plan to contribute to my knee problem that limited me to the work I was already doing. The course and the sessions over the period of 4 days changed my life and I knew at that point that BodyTalk was going to be more than just a “Back up Plan.”

I am now a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and BreakThrough Practitioner, and I have completed Mindscape and FreeFall1. I look forward to continuing this learning journey!

I am excited to be part of the BodyTalk Matrix and to see people tap into their own self-healing. It is truly wondrous and amazing!

Sat Nam,

Amy Walls

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