2.1 Our Practitioners: Ashley Moellenbeck


Ashley has been captivated by the BodyTalk system since her first experience with it in 2003. Her passion for helping people and pets combined with the strong interest in medicine, lead Ashley to many University courses in Sciences and Animal Sciences, though after her second year of Animal science she still found herself searching for more. That’s when she found BodyTalk.  
After seeing the amazing health improvements in her whole family including herself and the family pets, she decided to pursue a career in BodyTalk. She has since then followed in the foot steps of her mother and sister and is now a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner. With her focus and dedication to furthering her education Ashley has completed all Modules and has become a certified Equine Massage Therapist. She has future plans to become an AnimalTalk instructor.  
Ashley operates a full time practice is Saskatoon and her main focus is to working with animals and their owners. She also travels throughout eastern Saskatchewan and into Manitoba for BodyTalk and Equine Massage sessions. Combining with her BodyTalk knowledge, Ashley also has a strong background in the care and safe handling of dogs, horses and cattle as well as horse and cattle showing. Together with her increasing knowledge of the BodyTalk system, Ashley is excited for unlimited possibilities for health improvement in all creatures,  
“I always wanted to be a Veterinarian but due to my allergies and asthma I was told by my Doctor I would never be able to. But now thanks to BodyTalk, I no longer have either, have thrown away my inhalers and I have found a much better way to help animals, with BodyTalk!”  
For more information Ashley can be contacted at 306-291-5537 or adr022@mail.usask.ca  

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