2.1 Our Practitioners: Christina Kennon


Christina Kennon has been in the healthcare field for over ten years as a registered massage therapist. She also trained in sports massage and travels with a competitive fastball team. Christina is very dedicated to the work she loves.  
In the year of 2004 she had a illness that could not be diagnosed by conventional medicine. This is when BodyTalk became a part of her life. It has brought many changes within her life as well as her clients.  
She is a Certified BodyTalk Practioner and Access Trainer. She has studied all modules of BodyTalk and some of the Life Sciences. Also studying within the PaRama College. She has had many Senior Instructor as well as the founder of BodyTalk, Dr. John Veltheim.  
Christina has a full time practise in Biggar. She travels to rural Saskatchewan to teach as well as doing BodyTalk and Breakthrough sessions. She works in Rosetown, Maidstone as well as Lloydminister. Christina has worked with all ages. She enjoys working with children and also assisting with deliveries of babies. Christina also does alot of work with animals.  
For more information Christina can be reached at:  
306 948 2202 or c.kennon@bodytalksask.com