2.1 Our Practitioners: Sherry Gilbert


Sherry has explored other modalities of healthcare to re-establish health within herself and has enjoyed the simple, non-invasive, very effective responses BodyTalk has given her. Her personal health journey has been amazing with BodyTalk helping to address allergies, back pain, restless sleep, relationships with family and friends and over all well being. She has noticed incredible shifts in her family’s health as well from prescriptions in 2007 exceeding 20 down to 4 prescriptions in 2008.  
Sherry and her husband have three terrific kids and together operate a cattle ranch. AnimalTalk is truly an asset to the ranch’s health care system. The cattle, horses, dogs, cats and bird have all reaped the benefits of AnimalTalk and with their shifts the family as a whole shifts. Truly, Energy Medicine for Everyone!  
Sherry Gilbert is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, BodyTalk Access Instructor Trainee and a student of Parama BodyTalk. She has completed BodyTalk Access, Modules 1 & 2, Advanced Practical 1 & 2 and all of the Advanced Modules of BodyTalk including 8a Animal Talk. Other additional training includes Traditional Chinese Medicine for BodyTalk Practitioners and the Life Science courses – Mindscape, Advanced Mindscape, Breakthrough 1, Breakthrough 2, Breakthrough Practical and Freefall. Sherry is currently studying Anatomy & Physiology and continues her studies in the Parama BodyTalk College. Sherry is also a Reiki Master.  
Her clinics cater to the rural area in southwest Saskatchewan, there are two locations to choose from:  
Shaunavon Tuesdays 162 3rd Ave E in the Post Office  
Eastend Thursdays 223 Front Street  
Distance sessions are also available.  
Please call for appointments in a location convenient for you, and embark on your journey of wellness!  

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