2.1 Our Practitioners: Susan Lee


Susan loves using the BodyTalk system for achieving wellness within herself and those she works with. Susan has worked with children, the elderly, people with anxiety, depression issues, people on a spiritual path seeking help to move them forward, and physical ailments both acute and chronic.  
BodyTalk is the medicine of the future. By bringing awareness, focus and communication within your unique body and mind your health conditions can greatly improve. As a natural healthcare system BodyTalk is a holistic alternative choice to assist your body to make changes to individual body parts as well as the impact your thoughts and outside environment has on you.  
Directing your own chi or life force energy with communication to an area can bring about lasting healing.  
BodyTalk with Susan Lee is a Saskatoon, Saskatchewan home based clinic providing a relaxing, comfortable, insightful experience to all. Some evenings and weekends as well as daytime hours available for sessions. Distance sessions available and on occasion she is willing to travel for additional fee.  
Call 1-306-716-2997 or 1-306-343-8650  
e-mail bodytalkintohealthbysl@shaw.ca  
Susan has written several articles on BodyTalk. May/June 2009 issue of Wholife Magazine  
May 2009 Neighbourhood express  
Star Phoenix Winter Wellness Guide 2011 - BodyTalk Rediscover Your Health  
Susan's Life Experiences  
Figure skating coach - aware of challenges athletes have  
Mother of 2, grandmother of 3 - aware of issues parents and children have at the  
different developmental stages  
Health Food Clerk - trained in food nutrition, herbs, vitamins, homeopathic remedies  
Courses Susan has completed  
BodyTalk Access  
BodyTalk Fundamentals  
BodyTalk Fundamentals Integration  
Anatomy and Physiology for BodyTalkers  
Traditional Chinese Medicine for BodyTalk Practitioners  
Structural Integration course for BodyTalk Practitioners  
Pediatrics for BodyTalk Practitioners  
BodyTalk Interactive Course  
BodyTalk Principles of Consciousness  
BodyTalk Bio-Dynamics  
BodyTalk Lymphatic Drainage and Applied Anatomy and Physiology  
BodyTalk Macrocosmic BodyMind  
BodyTalk Matrix Dynamics  
BodyTalk Advanced Integration  
Finding Health 1: Mapping the Healing Process  
Finding Health 2: Applied Consciousness  
Theta Healing (2 Levels)  
Reiki Level 1  
A Vogel Phytotherapy (herbs) and Basic Physiology