7.1 BodyTalk Sessions: Common FAQs

a) Do I need to do anything before coming to a session?

You may wish to fill out the forms beforehand, click here for a copy to print off, fill out and bring with you. Also, feel free to browse this site to read and learn more about BodyTalk. More information may also be found at www.ibaglobalhealing.com

b) Do I need to wear anything special?

Sessions are done fully clothed so come in comfortable clothes and feel free to dress in natural fibres.

c) What happens in a session?

After the necessary history has been taken, you will be asked to lie on a comfortable massage table. A method of communication is used via your arm muscle, a form of muscle testing called neuromuscular biofeedback, to determine the areas of your body that are not communicating or working together as a team in synchronicity. Techniques using light touch and tapping are then used to restore your bodyís balance to its natural state. Read more about this in the Articles section.

d) How many sessions do I need?

As BodyTalk has an individualized approach, the number of sessions may vary for each person. However, people often notice changes to their well being after only one session.

e) How often do I have to come back?

Whenever feels appropriate for you! Your BodyTalk Practitioner can also ask if thereís a specific follow-up time thatís recommended. If there is, this is always flexible and works around your schedule. If there isnít, follow your intuition and what feels right to you. This is a healthcare system for you.

7.2 Remote Sessions & How They Work?

Click the heading above to read about remote BodyTalk sessions.