8.1 Client Testimonials

" I was very skeptical to believe that tapping on someone’s head and heart would somehow be of benefit to them. After listening to a thorough explanation of BodyTalk at an information session, I thought why not give it a try. I only told my practitioner a couple of issues that I had trouble with, and during my session, she pointed out just about every one bang on! To my amazement, after my treatment, the problems went away and have yet to return. I also felt a sense of inner peace after my session. I found my practitioner to be very knowledgeable about BodyTalk, and she could easily and expertly answer any question that was presented to her."

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- Allergies
- Animals
- Anxiety
- Autism
- Broken Bones
- Cancer Treatments
- Child Behavior
- Chronic Fatigue
- Claustrophobia
- Diabetes
- Digestive Disorders
- Eczema
- Enviromental
- Eyes
- Fear
- First Aid
- Heart
- Heartburn/Acid Reflux
- Hot Flashes
- Infections
- Joint Injury
- Low Energy
- Migraines
- Multiple Sclerosis
- Pain (Misc.)
- Pregnancy
- Remote Sessions
- Ringing in Ear
- Scars
- sleeping
- Sports Injuries
- Stress
- Weight Loss

Student Testimonials

8.3 Student Testimonials on BodyTalk Access

8.4 Student Testimonials on Monitoring Modules 1 & 2