1.4 What Makes BodyTalk Unique?

BodyTalk has several assets. Similar to how the majority of an iceberg is submerged, symptoms are simply the superficial effects of much deeper areas which require healing.  This happens most effectively and efficiently with the use of a key BodyTalk principle, working with priority. Instead of practitioners evaluating symptoms to determine a diagnosis and course of treatment, neuromuscular biofeedback, a form of muscle testing, is used. This allows evaluation of which areas of the bodymind need to be addressed first, in accordance with the body’s inner ability to heal, i.e. If the liver was detoxified prior to ensuring the intestines were digesting and eliminating properly, the individual may get sicker if the toxins are not being released from the body.

Working with indicated priorities ensures expedient healing and can virtually eliminate the so-called “healing crisis”. This is not to say that no effects will follow a session. People commonly feel relaxed and peaceful and may experience shifts such as a healthy immune response to a microbial infection or experiencing a desire to drink water to enhance hydration of the body. Prior to starting, permission is obtained via neuromuscular biofeedback to ensure that the bodymind is optimally ready and willing to fully address health at all levels. Once areas of priority are determined, they are then addressed through techniques using light touch and tapping the top of the head, over the brain, and the center of the chest, over the heart.

Tapping the head focuses the brain on evaluating and restoring the lacking communication or synchronicity. Should human error occur and the indicated areas are actually not a priority for the bodymind to address, then the brain cannot recognize what to focus on and no changes transpire. Accordingly, no harm can occur. Tapping the heart is the equivalent of pressing the save button on your computer, and enables permanent storage of this new healthy communication within the bodymind.

To summarize, BodyTalk does not diagnose and uses non-invasive techniques that cannot cause harm in accord with the priority of its inner wisdom. It is truly holistic, and is complementary to other health care modalities, with which it can be seamlessly integrated. It is easy to learn and can be used by healthcare professionals and laypersons alike to support optimal health within self, family, loved ones and pets.

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