1.2 Why Are We Sick?

The body doesn’t have enough blood to nourish every tissue with every heartbeat; it can only send blood to 25% of the body at a time. So the nervous system sets priorities based on perceived needs. Stress, such as an injury, severe illness, emotional trauma, financial stress, overwork or poor nutrition, will distort the nervous systems’ ability to do this.

The nervous system responds to any emergency by activating fight/flight mode. In emergency mode: heart rate and blood pressure increase (sends blood to places like muscular system so body can run if chased), digestive system shuts down, immune function is limited, muscles tighten, and endocrine function is distorted. This is a healthy response, at first...we would need this if we were being chased by a cheetah. However, our stressors are much different today ie. Traffic jams, tripping over the toys, waiting in line at the grocery store; but our bodies still enter that same mode. We don’t relax because we are under constant stress or “why me” mode or the “there should be a law against” mode, which relives the stress. This prevents the body from healing itself, leading to: digestive diseases, immune diseases, high blood pressure, muscular tensions, cardiovascular disease, mood disorders, menstrual problems, degenerative disorders, etc.

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